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Purposeful Design

The T2 is the improved version of our award winning T1 series.  The Enhanced Bass Boost (EBB) sets the T2 apart from the T1. It comes in a limited edition white with a circular red ribbon on the arm and now on the right and left speakers.

T2 Series Colour

As with the T1 series, the T2 dominant white colour signify peace, patient and prosperity whilst the red signifies ambition…

Well Constructed

The T2 series retains the original classic design of the T1. The only physical difference is the red ribbon on the right and left speakers.

Enhance Bass Boost (EBB)

The Enhanced Bass Boost on the T2 is impossible to ignore. Whether you are listening through an MP3, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry etc the bass is delivered with such depth better than any headphone in the T2 series category.

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