about us

We believe in the old Chinese adage which says; “a Child who must walk must first learn how to crawl”.

Our decision to come together as one to design, manufacture and distribute our very own brands of tablets, head phones and other related accessories is a result of a 2 year intensive research and product development programs.

Whilst learning to crawl, we took our ideas and prototypes to various focus groups, our friends and families, marketing companies and retailers. We asked their views and opinion on the build qualities, colours and ultimately prices of each and every one of our products. What you see on our website is the result from the vast majority of everyone we got involved throughout the development processes.

We have resisted the temptation to go out for celebrity endorsements but instead we opt for quality, reliability, affordability and then put our faith in YOU the everyday users who ultimately represents the majority. Every time you purchase any of our products you automatically endorsed your very own Root Classic product. We made them for YOU and with YOU in our mind.

Over the next year we will endeavour – with your help - to release a series of products uniquely made for YOU under the Root Classic brand name ROOT starting with the Teen T1 series and DJPro headphones.
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